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Corvax Solutions - areas of expertise

The managers, engineers, and scientists working for Corvax Solutions have a wide variety of experience from a multitude of research, development, and product maintentance projects.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Medical devices

    • Diagnostics (assays, sensors, cardiovascular, IVDs, ultrasound)

    • Disposables

    • Drug delivery systems

    • Wound care systems

    • Orthopedics

    • Surgical tools

    • Implants

    • Functional materials

    • Algorithms

    • Custom databases

    • Manufacturing start and optimization

  • Mechanisms

  • Microfluidic systems and equipment

  • Ruggedized equipment

  • Deep water applications

  • Low gravity/space applications

  • Sensors

  • Surveillance systems

  • US classified work

  • Materials synthesis and characterization

  • Custom databases

  • Manufacturing start and optimization


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