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Corvax Solutions - technical consulting

Research and Product development from concept to manufacturing start-up

A manufacturer that also does a little engineering on the side...A design firm that does some engineering...These aren't the companies you want to develop your product.  Corvax Solutions can engineer a manufacturable, high quality product that works and also looks good.  We conduct research, product development, and product maintenance activities on behalf of our clients.  Each project is assigned a project manager to coordinate technical activities for the client.  Our project managers and technical leads are highly experienced professionals, each with over 10 years of experience.  Project managers are in frequent communication with clients so that our clients can participate in the research and/or development processes as much as desired. Our proven device device development process is tailored for each specific project so that clients will have the technical results and associated documentation they need by the end of the project.  The documentation package may be as simple as the project notes or as detailed as a Design History File for a PMA submission to the FDA, as specified in the client's contract.  Most importantly, clients own all intellectual property resulting from the work they fund, including the design files.  Some examples of technical activities include:

  • Literature reviews, concept brainstorming, and early stage research

  • Patent application technical review (increase the number of claims and strengthen the client's IP)

  • Prototyping and feasibility studies

  • Product requirements generation (design inputs)

  • Design

  • Branded image development

  • Independent design reviews

  • Coordinate user studies, animal studies and clinical trials

  • Manufacturing selection and start-up

  • Troubleshooting/product maintenance

  • Quality audits

Corvax Solutions - technical R&D expertise


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